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Full Version: HP-41CV manual
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Hi Guys:

I had a chance to unbind my HP-41CV manual from 1984 and scan it today.
I'd like to post them somewhere but don't know where. There are two versions, a hi-Res version(27MB) and a lower res version (10MB).

If someone has somewhere I could upload them, they'd be available for others that might need them.

Hi John.

Sounds like a great idea. I will suggest that you upload the file(s) to google drive, dropbox or what ever cloud storage you prefer, and post a link to your file. I may put it on my file-site for backup if the scan quality is better than the one I've got already.

Good luck with the project. :-)

Hi Berserk:

Ok, will push it up today. Next week I should have time to get the Advantage pack manual and detailed operation ones done as well.


Before you go too wild scanning lots of stuff, you might want to see what is already on the Museum of HP Calculators flash drive archive.


It's pretty comprehensive...Some of the things were scanned long ago at low resolution, so they really would benefit from a modern re-scan. Other things are already pretty good, though.
I just want to let you know that there're lots of HP 41 related stuff, high quality color scan manuals for free at *****. It used to be a paid DVD, so enjoy.

Another thing, the MOHPC USB stick have tons of HP calculators related stuff for a small fee, that helps the curator offsets this Museum site cost, including this very forum, so help him maintain it buying the stick. I can tell you it worths much more than you pay and you can have many hours of fun using it.



Edit: I forgot that I can't put this site url here. We use to say TOS (The Other Site) when referring to it. So, just Google and you find it.
(12-05-2018 12:52 AM)Jlouis Wrote: [ -> ]I forgot that I can't put this site url here.

Warren Furlow's site is credited here: Credits/References

Reference URL's