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Full Version: Collecting, Repairing, and Wearing Vintage Digital Watches (link)
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(11-30-2018 07:59 PM)Egan Ford Wrote: [ -> ]https://hackaday.com/2018/11/28/collecti...l-watches/

Oh yeah, another hobby to lure me in. Good thinking. My wife will be pleased.

(11-30-2018 08:46 PM)burkhard Wrote: [ -> ]My wife will be pleased.

Watches at least don't take up so much space as calculators :-) But they are very very difficult to repair and spare parts are even more difficult to find than calculator spares. I think I will limit my digital watch collection to a couple of HP-01s and the watch I was wearing between age 15 and 25 or so, which happens to be one of the very sought after „Blade Runner Watches“. Unfortunately I really wore it through all those years and it shows it, otherwise I would be worth more than an HP-35 red dot...

Good night
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