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Full Version: How to plot list of points?
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Suppose I have two lists of values, L0 = {1,2,3,4}, L1= {1,9,1,4}. They are respectively {x,y} pairs of values for a figure I want to see.
How do I make a cartesian with all these points?
Hi Rushfan,
I suggest this way:
Choose the App 2Varsstatistics
Hit Home
Copy L1 and L2 to C1 and C2 (that are the Columns in the Statistics Table).
Next hit Num and check your data in that view,.
Now hit Symb and initiate a plot. If you don't want to see any fit through your data you can switch this off using the soft button Fit.
Hope that helps
There is actually no need to copy L1 to C1, just define in the SYMB view your dependent/independent as L1/L2 as you'd like and it works (provided they are numbers and not other object types, and the same length)
That works, thanks for the suggestions.
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