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Full Version: iPad Crashes
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Although I have read some complaints regarding the iPad crashing in the CAS mode while doing limits and integration, I have not read any acknowledgments from anyone from HP that the problem is being fixed.

I am very disappointed that my iPad version of the HP prime is virtually useless and that there has been no acknowledgment from those who know, what is being done to remedy the problem.
Don't know where to get support for this...guess I will try 1-800-hpinvent, and see if that number still works (from USA), and see what they say...
My HP Prime (pro) app version 2.1 on my iPad Pro (iOS 12.1) no longer runs. Crashes instantly on startup. This is not just a CAS mode crash, this happens on startup.

I tried restarting my iPad, but that didn’t help. Is anyone else experiencing this?
(12-16-2018 07:21 PM)tcab Wrote: [ -> ]My HP Prime (pro) app version 2.1 on my iPad Pro (iOS 12.1) no longer runs. Crashes instantly on startup. This is not just a CAS mode crash, this happens on startup.

I tried restarting my iPad, but that didn’t help. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Also in iphone7 iOS 12.1.1 the Hp Prime Pro 2.1 app is a disaster, it is constantly aborted, for example in the geometry app when drawing a circle, the polygons are not drawn, etc...
It’s been almost two months and I still can’t use the HP Prime Pro app on my iPad Pro. It still crashes instantly on startup. It used to work. No updates have appeared from HP in the App Store to fix this.

HP have not responded to this thread, nor have they replied to my report to the Prime calc beta email. Nor has anybody confirmed they have this problem too.

Perhaps I’m the only one using the HP Prime on an iPad Pro? It still works ok on my iPhone.
Hi tcab,

You are not alone with these crashes
For me both iPhone (6S) and iPad (Air) are useless for anything but adding up numbers.
Whilst the apps start successfully, as soon as I try anything involving some processing time such as a defined integral etc. the app resets. This happens in both Home and CAS. I have tried to completely delete the apps and reinstall but no dice.
This started with the latest IOS version 2.1.14181, I had hoped that by now it should have been resolved.

Cheers, Terje
Hello Terje,
I have the same experience, HP Prime on iPad (Air) can not be used.
I have reported this on this forum several times and also to HP Prime Beta.
No response from HP will have, I think, anything to do that they are afraid of claims.
Same issue here. Using CAS on iOS on iPad Pro causes immediate crash.

I posted on the HP site: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Calculator...-p/7011354

Look like some activity initially, but haven't seen anything for a week.

- Kevin
The HP Prime Pro iOS app is unusable (it doesn't crash on startup for me, but it does crash on any operation that involves variables). The crashing behavior is consistent across multiple iOS devices. I've switched to the Lite iOS app, which seems much more stable, so far.

Leaving a review on the iTunes store to warn potential buyers probably can't hurt.
(02-20-2019 06:05 AM)DMaier Wrote: [ -> ]Leaving a review on the iTunes store to warn potential buyers probably can't hurt.

A better approach would be to just wait. The hp authors are, (probably), scrambling to fix issues as best they can. If you have been an hp customer for any length of time, then you already know this; but if not, let me be the first to inspire confidence: as an hp calculator customer for at least 45 years, their products and customer service has always been excellent!

I don't imagine there are many recent purchases of the HP Prime Pro app, but if you did happen to purchase it in the last 90 days, you might be interested in the procedure for getting your money back: Request a refund for an App Store or iTunes Store purchase - Apple Support

Hi Dale,

I too am a long time HP calculator fan. Bought my first HP 15C way back when they first came out. Since then, I like a lot of us here "collect" vintage HP calculators.

There was a heyday for HP and the calculator division, back when calculators were very expensive, were built to last for decades, and back when Bill and Dave were running things. Then calculators got way, way cheaper, and it was a race to see who could make the cheapest.

Time marched on, and the company wasn't run by engineers anymore. Focus moved from long-term innovation (HPs core strength) to short-term profits. Take a look at most any analysis of "what happened to HP?" It's complex of course, and I don't pretend that a single paragraph can sum up "what happened to HP".

There were some bright lights for us calculator folks in the past decade. When the HP 35S was introduced in 2007, it looked like a return to the good old days, and the HP Prime introduced in 2013 was an actual innovation in calculator technology, better than anything else out there.

But, I suspect that HP was and is struggling as a corporation, and hard decisions have to be made where to put very limited resources. I don't know, but it seems like the calculator division (is there one?) is being handled by a very few, very dedicated and hard working folks who are struggling with shoestring budgets, but are actually trying to make/keep HP relevant in the calculator world.

It's a different world now, and those of us who remember the "good old days" of off-the-charts quality (double shot injection molding of keys?!) and support of HP calculators are the ones who see the differences the most. I applaud those at HP, or who are contracting for them who are doing their best to support the Prime, and only wish that HP could see its way clear to dedicate more badly needed resources to the task.

- Kevin
Hi to All.
I have added my "piece of cake" on HP Support Community
If anyone have tested the current version of iOS HP Prime Pro on old versions of iOS, please reply the results
Hey Folks,

I recently updated my HP Prime Pro iPad app, and the issues with the CAS constantly/instantly crashing appear to have been fixed, with the recent update to the application. I've tried several things that were known to crash the Prime in CAS mode (on iOS) and they all seem to work now.

Not sure why it took so long to get this fixed, very frustrating, but at least it appears to be fixed now and we once again can use THE BEST calculator available on iOS!

Thank you HP Calculator Group, and let's hope you can keep up with Apples relentless new iPadOS release schedule, and keep this calculator in working condition.

- Kevin
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