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Full Version: Free42 for Windows: Alt-Tab fix
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Hi all,

As you may know, there is a long-standing issue with Free42 for Windows, where switching away from it using Alt-Tab, and then back, the keyboard is left in an unresponsive state, where it responds to mouse clicks but not to the PC keyboard.

I think I finally found a way to fix this. I coded it a couple of days ago, and tested it under Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008 R2. It works fine, as far as I can tell, in those environments, but I don't have any other Windows environments available at the moment, so I can't vouch for this fix under, say, Windows XP, 7, or 8, and also don't know if this plays well with non-default theme settings.

Since I'm not ready for a full all-platform release of Free42 2.0.22 anyway, I was hoping maybe anyone would be interested in trying my Alt-Tab fix as beta testers in the meantime. For those who are, you can download it from http://thomasokken.com/free42/download/F...indows.zip

Thanks in advance, and please let me know if this doesn't work as expected, and if so, under which version of Windows, and using which theme setting. I appreciate your help!

Another satisfied Windows 10 user. Thanks!
Win-7 seems to be fixed! (in my case, Win-7 Pro, x64, but likely the same for all).

Thanks Thomas. It was a very small, but when it happens, annoying, bug.
I just received confirmation that it works in 8.1 and XP as well.

No need to sit on it; I just promoted the new build to release 2.0.21b, and it can now be downloaded using the usual link on the Free42 home page.

Thanks to all testers!

Works fine for me with Windows 10 1803 Release...
FWIW it's fixed the issue for me as well. Also W10 (Pro, 64-bit) 1803.
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