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Full Version: SpeedCrunch is a high-precision scientific calculator
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Has anybody used or have any opinion of SpeedCrunch - "a high-precision scientific calculator featuring a fast, keyboard-driven user interface. It is free and open-source software, licensed under the GPL."

[Image: keypad.png]

I've been playing with Ubuntu 18.04 for the last few days (and am mightily impressed at the post-Unity gnome UI and general smoothness) which led me to searching for calculator apps in the ubuntu software centre. There seems to be quite a following for this "SpeedCrunch" calculator, with some reviews even claiming that it "should be the default calculator in Ubuntu".

By default it doesn't show a keypad, but you can make one appear. I like that it has panels with common formulas, constants, user variables, functions and user functions. Doesn't seem to support programming though.
Impressive accuracy !

Below setup with degrees as angle unit

= 9

ans - 9
= 3.4939e-75

Impressive: It can display (and calculate with) a 9-digit exponent. I have never come across such large numbers in a calculator!

Overall not bad, but as already written lacks even the most basic programmanbility. And the only possibly substitute, user functions, are limited to single letter names dependent on the single parameter x.


NB: Another nice feature is that it forgets nothing. That can be useful sometimes.
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