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Full Version: [HP 50g] [XCELL] Import matrix to XCELL
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Recently I've been using my 50g for registering experimental data during my college classes (for example, we're to measure 4 different objects 20 times each) on a matrix. I then want to export that "vanilla" 50g matrix to a CSV for me to then import on, say, Google Sheets or anything else.

I managed to do this once, using XCELL, but I don't remember how.

The problem is, I can export an XCELL sheet as a CSV, but what I'm struggling with is to import that 50g matrix to XCELL. So I have all the data I want on a matrix, and I know how to export XCELL sheets, but I'm not managing to open the matrix inside XCELL for exporting.

I know that, if I load the matrix on the stack and then press [<-] inside XCELL, it'll import that, but it doesn't import it as a sheet, it imports the entire matrix to a single cell on the sheet.

Now I regret deeply not using XCELL to register the data first, instead of using a normal matrix.
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