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Full Version: Results that are not defined as numbers NaN => undef
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Hello, users and developer group of the famous hp-prime calculator
Sorry for my technical english.

0/0 returns undef // ok
∞/∞ returns undef // ok

In the two previous cases the answer is undef synonymous of Not a Number acronym NaN
With undef you can perform arithmetic operations, in the sense that any number added to undef gives another undef, that is undef+1 returns undef

If F1(X):=1/X is defined
then press [num/setup] key synonymous table of numerical values, and zoom integer we see that for X equal to 0, shows NaN, then copy (Shift + view), then paste (Shift + menu), placed in the main view (history) NaN, but I can not operate artimetically, therefore it is required to made the acronym NaN be synonymous with undef

In matlab NaN+1 returns NaN

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