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Full Version: Seeking HP9810A parts
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See my post in the classifieds.

I’ll describe my fault here in case a 9810a guru has ideas.

I restored a 9810a last winter and got the card reader and printer working great. It’s been stored all summer standing on back edge. I went to fire it up this week and sadly it isn’t working right. The display comes on, but any keystroke causes the fault to come on and the display to go blank.

I have a parts 9820A and swapped All the unique electronics into that chassis and eliminated the power supply and 4 common boards as issues. The printer and card reader are un plugged to eliminate interference.

I am pretty sure it comes down to the RAM box (assembly of cards on left). I’ve taken this apart and cleaned contacts, but this has not cured it.

Thought? Thank you!
Is this Adam Jones? Happy to help (lend parts, etc.) if I can - just let me know.
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