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Full Version: CAS Multiplication
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I have the following cas expression:

1/s +(0.171/(s+7.854) -0.171/(s+1.146))

How can put the expression under a common simplified denominator?

If I write:

collect(1/s +(0.171/(s+7.854) -0.171/(s+1.146)))

it will display:

How can I make it distribute the s?

That is, put the expression in the form:

like (b1*s^2 +b2*s +b3)/(a1*s^4+ a2*s^3 + a3*s^2 +a4*s +a5)

If I write (s+1)*(s-1) I can't ever make it display (s^2 -1).

Simplifying does not do what I expect.
Factor by degree: factor_xn() in CAS > Polynomial > Algebra should do what you need.
Try normal.
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