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Full Version: symbolic solve differential equations HP50g
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Hi everyone
Is it possible to include a value for cC(0) constant of integration when using desolve or must it be done using solve after getting the general solution using desolve.
example: d1y(t) = 2*t with y(0) = 4
Thanks for your time and help.
Try this:

2: ['d1y(t) = 2*t' 'y(0) = 4']
1: 'y(t)'

(See page 16-9 in the HP 50g Manual)
Hi Steve
Thanks very much. Worked exactly as you said.
Only got this calculator yesterday so very novice user.
How would it be coded in algebraic mode for the same example
thanks again
I'm not sure, since I never use algebraic mode. I'd guess:

DESOLVE( ['d1y(t) = 2*t' 'y(0) = 4'],y(t))

or maybe

DESOLVE( [d1y(t) = 2*t, y(0) = 4],y(t))

Hi Steve
Your idea for ALG mode worked perfect. The second option without the quotes.
I never thought of the square brackets.
I had even tried pasting the level 2 format you gave me in your first post for rpn mode back into ALG mode but it would not work, only gave the general solution.
Thanks again ever so much
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