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Full Version: iS there a problem with pdf's on Android?
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Recently I have found many pdf's on the forum are unreadable on Android (using Chrome).
Here is a recent example

Whilst my Android pdf readers have never been reliable, the error message about attachment.php not being a correct format is new - and seems to be occuring on many pdf's from the forum.

Just me? Has anything changed on the forum or has my Android been "improved" again?
The original post is a reduced size {version 1.7 compatible} save from Acrobat XI Pro to version 9 of Acrobat. I can save in a lower format (4-7) and see if this is compatible with your needs. Send me a PM with an email address & I will return the effort with a reduced compatibility (pick from 4-7 please).

No issue here with Android 6.0.1 and Adobe Acrobat app.
I updated the initial post to version 4 from version 9 in Acrobat.
I've had issues with older pdf's and newer software, it seems pdf isn't as normal as adobe would like us to believe. Not just on one os but in general.
Just tried again. Android 5.0.2 still doesn't work.
Yet Android 6 - which is infamous for poor pdf support - does.
So I can read it on my tablet.
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