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Full Version: 50g FORTH Programming Language ?
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Hi, I wish to program my hp 50g in Forth.
Someone can tell me if exists Forth for the 50g?
Thank you very much!!!
Not that I know. Other question: Is the RPL not enough "forth-like" ?
Not sure how familiar the OP is with the HP50g but its programming language, RPL, is a cross between FORTH and LISP. The underlying language called System RPL is even more like traditional FORTH. Plenty of information on both in these forums, and on hpcalc.org.
Hi, Thank you very much for help.
I know very well UserRPL and SysRPL on hp 50g.
I know also BASIC and Python on hp 50g.
Because Forth is very similar to RPL I was
curious to see if exist this language on hp 50g.
You have confirmed me that not exists.
The BASIC from Hrast Programmer, is named
BASIC but contain some features of Forth.
Again, Thank you!!!
With best regards.
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