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Full Version: Adding a program from software library to calculator
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I am trying to add a software science program "elements" from the computer to calculator using the connectivity kit. The program shows up in the connectivity software after I add it from the computer to the software but not in the actual calculator (that is connected up to the computer ). I used drag and drop to add it from the computer to conn. software. Is there something else that has to be done for it show up in the calculator?
Which calculator?
Windows version?
I've yet to try it myself, but have you put it in the bottom-left Content pane? That is local to your computer. To get it to the calculator I think you have to drag it up to a connected calculator, or right-click Send it?

I managed to transfer an Application to my calculator by dropping it onto the App Library part of the connected calculator, not using the Content pane at all, and then Save.

No doubt someone who actually knows will answer properly soon Smile
After downloading the program, I Assume "elements", place it in the HP Connectivity Kit/Content folder. Next open your Connectivity Kit application, connect your prime calculator. Wait for the calculator to sync.
Open the >Programs List.
Next,open(click once) the Blue Content folder and locate the program "elements".
Next, drag your "elements" program from the Content List and drop it on top of >Programs.

Your program should now be part of the list and also in your calculator.
On your calculator press [Shift] [Program] (Shift + 1) to list your programs.
Your program should be at the bottom of the list. If you press More (soft key) and select 3 Sort, you can choose to list your programs in:
1 Chronologically
2 Alphabetically

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