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Full Version: HP-35S Branching Tricks???
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Hi there. I finally entered into my 35S the full-featuted polar-rectangular/complex number conversion program from this thread:P/R--Complex Number Conversions

As it contains branches to line numbers, as I added lines, the branching line numbers constantly changed as I was writing the program. So, I decided to just remove the branch instructions and add them after I finished entering the program. Thus, after I finished the program entry, I decided to enter the branch instructions last. As I did so, these branching instruction numbers changed as well but not to the correct locations as this program was written.

Is there a better method to entering the branching instructions as the locations dynamically change?
Enter dummy locations, like GTO Z999, then when the program entry is finished, go back and correct the locations.

Enter the program exactly as listed. Don't make any mistakes.
The lines numbers and GTOs will be correct.

Forward GTO references don't get changed until there are that many lines.

- Pauli
Thanks folks. At first, I tried to enter the listing straight through. Thus, I got the 'NON-EXISTENT' errors as I entered the go-to instructs. So, I then just entered the prog without the transfers. Then, as I tried to enter the Goto commands at the top, each goto would change the number I put in. So I thought to work backward and change the goto instructions in reverse. In any case, I'm not certain how I fixed in and in what direction I went to change the go to instructions but it all flowed into place.
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