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Full Version: Issue with apps when calculator is reset
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If the calculator hangs and I reset it by On+symb or using the reset pinhole, or if the calculator crashes and reboots, when the calculator restarts, the icon of any app which I have ever deleted returns to the application library albeit with all of its contents gone.

This happens no matter how often I turn the calculator off and on before it rebooting and however many times I try to delete the app in the memory manager. The only way I have found to fully delete an app is by performing a factory reset.

Additionally, some apps which are installed and that I haven't deleted seem to stop working properly after a reset as well and can only be fixed if I delete them and resend them.

Does anybody know why this happens and if it is a problem with just my device?
Have you tried reformatting?

See section 0.19 here for the procedure:


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