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Full Version: Vincenty inverse solution for the Prime
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While testing latest public beta version of the Prime software, the most interesting part for me is implementation of the Pascal version for programming and of course accuracy. The ideal first test was a very basic part of an old GPS navigation application, I have made long time ago, including Vincenty inverse solution.

Actually, it seems the precision of the testing result on the Prime is still under 1mm (WGS-84). Tested example:


1st point: 50°03′58.76″N  005°42′53.10″W
2nd point: 58°38′38.48″N  003°04′12.34″W

IEEE-754 (double precision,  64-bits) :

SZ_Vincenty(50.06632222222222, -5.71475, 58.64402222222222, -3.0700944444444445)
Distance: 969954.114450429m
HP PRIME (12 digits precision, currently only tested in HOME mode):
SZ_Vincenty(50.06632222222222, -5.71475, 58.64402222222222, -3.0700944444444445)
Distance: 969954.11447m

SZ_Vincenty(50°03′58.76″, -005°42′53.10″, 58°38′38.48″, -003°04′12.34″)
Distance: 969954.11447m

All is based on:
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