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Full Version: Units48 v1.0: units the 48 way
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How do I move numbers from the Units48 app - to and from the normal Prime home view?

If I'm using my Prime, in the middle of some calculations, and need to do some conversions on my interim results - how do I get those numbers into the app and back out when I'm done?

In the App, I cannot even use Sto to store numbers into variables, and certainly referring to variables doesn't work either given the Alpha key has been taken over as a simulated [Left Shift] key.
(06-02-2021 01:10 AM)tcab Wrote: [ -> ]How do I move numbers from the Units48 app - to and from the normal Prime home view?

You can import/export to/from Units48, as mentioned in the first post of this thread the mechanism is explained in the Base48 documentation.

In summary:
  • In non-RPN mode you can import/export Ans to/from Units48
  • In RPN mode you can import/export the stack to/from Units48
  • In all modes you have access to Units48 stack content as a list with the app variable "Stack"
See the sections "Importing values in Base48", "Exit settings" and "Retrieving Base48 stack in RPN mode" in the Base48 documentation, as well as the notes related to the Units48 export feature in the first post of this thread.
Thanks for the clarification - I can get numbers in and out of the app now.

In the app, the Menu button technique of getting the Home view value works reliably, the [Blue Shift][+] doesn't - not sure how to change "the app settings" to make that work.

A note for others
5 Enter           (puts e.g. number 5 into Ans)
Num              (switch to units48 app)
Menu Enter      (retrieve value from Home view)
...              (use the app)
HOME            (switch back to Home view)
Ans            (get the value back from app)
The get the last value on the stack from the app at any later time in Home view, Stack(1) works.

I found I had to be careful when switching between screens - if you enter the app then immediately exit back to Home view, Ans will be altered to be the value of the last value on the stack in the app, as intended. To set Ans in Home view to the displayed value in your Home view again, you'll have to copy it and hit Enter.
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