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Full Version: Ah! The 70s! The era that LED the way
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Hi all

A year ago I stumbled on the Popular Science article (from between 75-77) about programmable calculators. It featured a photo which had the HP/65, SR-56 a NS Programmable model and a few others. Now, I can't seem to locate it on the web. Perhaps some of you know where I may find that.

Could you direct me to some of those 70s articles you've found on the web?


Did you try the "Search Archives" on the Popular Science Website? They have all the old issues archived and searchable. I did a search for HP-65 and came up with several issues. Not sure which is the one you're looking for. Following is link to their Archives:

PopSci Archives

Thanks for the tip. I thought it was my search text in Google which was the culprit as to why I couldn't find the article. Also, thanks for the archives idea. I didn't think PopSci had an Archives section. I'll give it a search.
Popular Electronics magazine May 1976 issue had an article named: "Here Are The New Programmable Calculators".  It briefly describes 10 programmable calculators that were on the market at the time.  The article is available at: 
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