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Full Version: The game was over. 2001
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Quote:The demise of the ACO, and the "new" course of HP is very sad. I feel very
sorry for you, JYA, Gerald, Cyrille, and all the other guys that have fought
hard for HP to stay on top. I wish you all the best in the future, whatever
it brings.

Since this game seems to be over, I'll just have to find another hobby ;-)

I'll probably stick around a while, but I will not release anymore software
for the '49, except for maybe Polynomial49 v2.2 - it's so close to
completion. As far as I can see I'll probably fade out around the time of
v1.19.7, or a month or so - whichever comes first. You should all know that
what I liked in this bunch of people was your sense of fairness. A smell of
freedom that is seldom seen around, and when a group of such brilliant
clevernes posess these properties, it's just beautiful.

My loyality is with the "old geesers", not HP as a company. When they are
gone, most of my reason to be here is too. It may seem egoistic of me, but
this work takes alot of effort and time, and the motivation needed does not
come by itself. I consider all of you friends, and should you ever pass by
Denmark, please drop in. I'm not gone from the world, so just use my mail
address if you need to contact me.

and the the 49g+ came, the 50g, the prime.
In my opinion 50g and prime are gold pieces plus all the others from the past of course, especially the 71B, I don't have that but amazing math packed there plus basic.
With the prime development (and community libraries) I see the game far from over. And for the 50g we have awesome work still being done, by David , claudio and others.

Without mentioning all the work for 42S, 41C etc... Maybe the 48 series is bit unrepresented.
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