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Full Version: Graphing Calculator? Working for free?
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I just came across this story.
Is it just a story, or real?
Myself, I find it difficult enough to afford the bus fare to work even if an employer pays me.
This program also went by the name NuCalc.

His story is featured on the radio program This American Life. Here's a link.

Transcript here.

(09-05-2018 07:08 AM)StephenG1CMZ Wrote: [ -> ]Is it just a story, or real?

So real! I think (almost) everyone who has ever done a Ph.d. or similar research based work has found himself in a position where the funding was exhausted but the work not completed yet. So it is either: Throw away years of work or finish it at your own expense... For some it pays off in the long run as in the story above.

That's a great story and I love the final word:

Quote:We wanted to release a Windows version as part of Windows 98, but sadly, Microsoft has effective building security.
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