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Full Version: Generation of HP Prime calculator emulator code
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Good afternoon
Gentlemen would like information regarding the generation of the emulator serial code of the HP Prime calculator.
In the emulator of the HP Prime calculator for desktop serial code and generated at the time of installation and does not change or in case some update is done?
Already in the emulators of the HP Prime calculator for Android and IOS has a constant variation?

Thank you

The "virtual" serial number used for the emulators is generated at first calculator use.
It normally should not change as long as the calculator state files are kept.
Should the emulator state file be erased (in /my documents on windows for example). then the emulator will recreate a new serial number.


I have observed in the emulator for smartphone after the installation accessing the code of the serial and obtained some values of the serial, with the communication with the Kit of Connectivity of the Prime this code of the serial and changed and maintained this value.

Thank you
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