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Full Version: ICON command
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Anyone can tell me how the png encoding for the ICON command works?

[Image: Image%202013-12-15%20at%207.10.27%20PM.png]

It seems the generated png from DIMGrob is 8 bits, all transparent?
Such a tiny screenshot…

Anyway, the data is simply a hex dump of the PNG, with a leading "magic" number: 89 50 4e 47 0d 0a 1a 0a
Correct, but how it is this png data generated. I tried with 8,16,32 bits encodings and no one seems to match the output. In fact, if you create a file using the DIMGROB data, the file is not a proper png (is it a transparent canvas for the png editors I tried)
Basically, there was not the option we needed to represent our internal screen data. Thus we basically hijacked a 16 bit grey scale to hold the data. What you are probably seeing is the color data represented as 1 RGBt 5551 encoded by the PNG library as a 16 bit per greyscale, and then post processed back into color on the other end.

Cyrille might be able to provide more info here if that doesn't get you enough.

Note that is is highly likely that the "ICON" keyword will be refined/changed before long and so the exact syntax and similar is not locked yet.

The png is a normal a 8 bit per channel encoded picture...

Strangely, not every picture program seems to be able to read/open it...

Paint shop pro has no issues...

Does anyone know where you can download the program DIMGROBHelper.exe?

TIA, Ariel
(12-17-2013 06:58 AM)cyrille de brébisson Wrote: [ -> ]here!

'Get picture from text' does not work in that version, the other one without the ICON things works properly.

And the png encoding isn't normal, maybe paint shop pro is doing something out of the ordinary. I will check this later but I think 'icon' isn't reliable yet, I ended using dimgrob Big Grin (even when it wastes more program space)

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