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Full Version: IOS Prime Pro App Crashes
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On my iPAD AIR 1 (IOS 11.4.1) I have installed the HP Prime Pro App.
It works, but crashes about (on average) every 10 ~ 15 minutes. The App then disappears after the iPAD screen is touched by pressing a key or scrolling the screen.
After the crash, you have also lost your newly created program changes or other actions.
This makes this App extremely unreliable and not workable.

Are there settings on my iPAD that I need to change or does someone have a suggestion?
Does this only occur to me or does one of you also have those crashes?

For me this is a terrible bad product, maybe it is better to delete it from my iPAD.
Question for HP; is this a known issue and do you have a solution? (next update?)
I have two other problems with the IOS HP Prime Pro App (version 13513).

Can someone of you test, on your iPad, the below very simple program.
When I start the program in the Program Catalog, the answer is [0,0]. If I start the program of the Command Line then the answer is [0.071 ... 45]
Can someone confirm this ?
BTW, on my real Prime both programs works Okay.


LOCAL x1:=5;
LOCAL y1:=5;

A bit more difficult to explain. Still the IOS App.
If I have selected statistic2var (the focus on statistic2var) and if I then select a user program via the Toolbox, I will get the text C0 (that is the C0 from the statistic2var app) in the Command Line. After deleting C0 in the Command Line and after selecting the user program again I get the correct program name in the Command Line.
Every time I get C0 when I select another User program.
I have no problems when other App's are selected.
Can someone confirm this too ?

Yes, unfortunately the HP Prime Pro App crashed three times in an hour !!!
After your confirmations I will send this to calcbeta.
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