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Full Version: HP-200LX Sync to REX PDA
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Seeing how a reference to the REX PDA came up in the Forum recently got me thinking about when I used to sync the REX with my HP-200LX. Unfortunately I no longer had the files. But thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine I was able to recover what I think was the required files. I no longer have a REX so can't test them out. But I can make them available if anyone here wants to try them.

I have put them on my Dropbox for awhile. The files will be there for at least a few weeks, but won't be there forever. The zip files has a PDF of the original REX SYNC webpage that gives all the instructions.


I would interested in hearing if anyone gives it a try.

Smithville, NJ
Awesome, thanks. I'll have to give this a try, since I have a Rex laying around.
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