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Full Version: HP Prime programming problem: PRINT command stops working
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I was programming an orbit determination code into my HP Prime. It uses the method of Gauss to find orbital elements using angle-only input for the other planet and heliocentric position vectors for Earth.

Anyway, I was debugging by doing PRINT output after every block of calculations, to make sure that my answers matched the ones in a book I'm using. After about line 160, the print command stopped working. It didn't throw an error, but it wouldn't execute, either. I got a last line of output from a program run, and then after that line none of the later Print lines did anything.

Is this a known bug? Is there a way to fix it?
There is limited space. Clear out old lines. PRINT() clears.

Have you used the built in DEBUG command instead? Then you can single step through, and watch your variables/results directly.

Stick "DEBUG()" in your program where you'd like to start the debugger in the middle if you don't want to start at the beginning.
I think DEBUG does not work with CAS-type programs

An option to the terminal view, is that a command to print in the history view will be incorporated in a next firmware. In addition, the history allows more than 150 lines.

we also hope for a better terminal view

Any options for better interactive terminal-style I/O
Problem solved.

Apparently there was a divide-by-zero error in the program execution that stopped all subsequent output by the PRINT command. I wasn't notified about the runtime error, and it was only by going over the code that I found a divisor that was the wrong variable.
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