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Full Version: Dave Cochran: Special Guest at HHC 2018
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[The following was written by Richard Nelson for the HHC 2018 Mailing List. I'm reposting it here FYI. -jkh-]

Most of you are familiar with the HP calculator designer name of Dave Cochran. He will be presenting some of the little known topics related to the HP-35A [at HHC 2018 in San Jose] on Saturday afternoon [September 29]. We will allow adequate time for Q&A. You can get your questions answered first hand. I took a photo of Dave at the IEEE Special Award ceremony recognizing the HP-35A at 1501 Page Mill Rd., Palo Alto in 2009. Dave is the tall center person.

[Image: cochran.jpg]

You may read one of Dave’s articles at: http://hpmemoryproject.org/wb_pages/d_cochran_01.htm
Thanks for sharing!
Another reason to not miss this year's HHC 2018!
Excited! See you all in September! As fast as time is going these days, it will feel like it's tomorrow even though it's only August 16.
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