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Full Version: FYI: WarpPi calculator
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Anyone know the model of the LCD on that calculator?
WarpPi Is an Impressive DIY Raspberry Pi Calculator, and is the firts with Step-By-Step Algebra
More info

[Image: e68e07996df44c881594d6310ea07d34_preview_featured.jpg]

[Image: algebra_input.gif]
Several things I like about it:

I like how you can designate how the variables act: blue for CAS variables, black for numerical constants, etc

I like how big the screen is. The screen is clear, well done on the display.

I can't wait to see what the finished keyboard looks like.
If it is a calculator with CAS, the 6 algebraic operators should be together

[+], [-], [·](*), [÷](/), [^], [√]

PHP Code:
[ ][ ][ ][ ][
[,][ ][ ][ ][ ]
Doesn't the HP 50G have step by step CAS?

Even the 28c has step by step, well, not all the steps, but anyway, the 28c is from 1987, isnt it?

I think I'm missing something...
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