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Full Version: Some ideas to differentiate between NUM (home) and CAS
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Perdon (electronic translation)

The report of users who handle the hpprime, is that they do not understand the separation between HOME and CAS

Some ideas to differentiate between NUM (home) and CAS

1: When you press the [HOME] key, show in the title the NUM (NUMERIC INTERFACE), to differentiate it from CAS (SYMBOLIC INTERFACE)

2: Press the SHIFT + 4 (program) key to label after the program name, according to type (NUM) O (CAS)

2.1: By pressing the [more] [sort] key, add a new menu: sort by type, either (NUM) or (CAS)

2.2: Pressing the [enter] key places the name of the program or subfunction in the history entry line, since the EDIT function already exists with [EDIT]

3: By pressing the [tools / catalog] (i) title key, you can select what type of list you want to display, that is, only NUMERICAL calculation commands (HOME), SYMBOLIC calculation commands, application commands, user commands

4: When pressing the [vars] key, rename [USER] to [NUM], since the CAS type programs are also user prg


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