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Full Version: Programmable credit card sized PIM / organizer?
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I remember visiting some site on the web, years ago, which had a very active community of software and hardware "hackers", similar to the HP community, which was centered around reverse engineering a programmable credit card sized PIM's / organizer's OS and hardware and writing new assembly level code for the device. The problem is that I can't find said site anymore and I don't remember what the name of the device was. There are probably many devices that might fit the above description, but I'd know the one I'm looking for if I could remember more details, so, I apologize for any vagueness.

My interest is just casual, although I'm a pathological perfectionist so I'd be very happy if I could find out what I can't currently remember regarding the device Tongue

Any hints or data would be appreciated,

It was probably the Rex. Those are the size of a PCMCIA Type-II card.
(07-23-2018 07:08 PM)Dave Britten Wrote: [ -> ]It was probably the Rex. Those are the size of a PCMCIA Type-II card.

Thanks for the tip! Big Grin

I think it was a Xircom Rex, but, I can't find the web site that hosted all of the hardware and software hacking information etc...

It's probably no longer on the web but if I can determine what URL was used, then I should be able to use the Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive to access he content that used to be on the web site, if I'm even remembering correctly -- it could have been a different PIM / Organizer...

EDIT : As I was typing this reply, I did some googling, and, using the Wayback Machine, I was able to find the community site which I was looking for here : https://web.archive.org/web/200503310215...x6000.org/ Smile


Interesting article on it : Rex 6000
There was also a rex 5000 which had no touch screen but 6 buttons to work with, which was kind of a hassle especially when entering text, but it worked for me (until in sat on my purse with the rex in it, which was the last day in his fairly long life). most of the sites around the device are down nowadays.
One thing amazes me every time... HP calculators were always way ahead.. Open palmtops, pocket computers, community software, appstore ... you name it.
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