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Full Version: Problem with the numeric format.
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Something strange happens with my physical calculator, but it also happens in the Prime in android, the problem is that when I'm in CAS mode and for example I establish the numerical format in engineering, or fixed or scientific with any number of decimals the calculator does not respect this, but presents the results but according to how the format is in the HOME mode. So why is both settings independent, if in the long run only the format of the HOME mode is the one that also predominates in the CAS mode, or is it something wrong with the calculator and the virtual application in Android? I already updated my Prime to the latest version number 13865. This also happened in the previous version.
The CAS Settings entries for Number Format, Number of Digits, or Integers, being ignored by the CAS system, is not a quirk of recent firmware upgrades. Prime has been this way since Day One. Who knows... these CAS Settings might be implemented some day, or they might be removed some day. Meanwhile, just ignore them, because Prime ignores them too.
Thanks Joe, let's hope that one day it will be implemented that way, that's why the CAS is apart from the HOME I suppose, so that they are independent.
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