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Full Version: Value of a small 9825A system
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I have the chance to acquire a 9825A system consisting of:
- an early 9825A (old keyboard style)
- a graphics translator 1350A along with an original analog HP monitor (don't know the exact type)
- an eight inch floppy drive 9885A
The computer comes fully equipped with four ROM modules (can't see which ones) and (at least) the interface for the floppy drive, of course.
All devices power up, more testing isn't done; Cosmetically they are in good condition. Of course I assume that the internal cassette drive has to be refurbished. Documentation in German language is included.

Especially the graphics system seems to be very nice ( see description and video on the .net site! ) and rare.
But since I didn't collect any of the old calculators of the seventies so far, it is difficult for me to estimate the value of such a system.
I don't know yet if I would like to keep the system, or if I would trade or sell the devices.
Of course I know that the description could be more precise, but it would be helpful to know a minimum value, a selling price that could be achieved EASILY on TAS or elsewhere.
Hello Michael,

(07-20-2018 12:26 AM)Michael Fehlhammer Wrote: [ -> ]... but it would be helpful to know a minimum value, a selling price that could be achieved EASILY on TAS or elsewhere.

You have probably already seen that there is a similarly equipped one being offered on eBay.com right now - without monitor, but with travel cases for both the CPU and the floppy unit instead (which I guess are quite rare pieces for themselves). They ask 1500$ buy-it-now for the lot which to me seems a bit on the high end of the scale.

Personally I would not offer more than 300$/€ for the calculator if my intention was to sell it on. It will be rather difficult to sell for a good price and whilst waiting for a bidder, it takes up a lot of precious space at home...

FYI: Over the last 4 years about 10 9825A/Bs sold for prices between 77€ and 405€ in eBay Germany. Average price was 289€.

Difficult for the other components as there is probably little interest and demand.
IMHO the whole package should not be more than 400-500€.

Currently most HP offers in Germany seem grossly overpriced (by 5 to 10) and sit there for years to be finally scrapped if the sellers dont lower their expectations or some idiot comes along.

Hello Max, hello Martin,

thank you for your estimation!
Seems that I should back away from buying that stuff.
Asking price was € 1200.-.
If anyone here is interested, send my a PM, I can try to make contact with the seller.
But don't forget high shipping rates and customs charges would have to be added if you live outside Europe.
(07-20-2018 02:51 PM)Michael Fehlhammer Wrote: [ -> ]If anyone here is interested...

Not really... around here, the price for one square metre of a house is in the order of 5000 Euros. This calculator with all it's accessories will easily take up one square metre which means I can multiply the asking price by a factor of 5 ;-)

And also, I am not sure if the jolt caused by powering up an 8-inch floppy drive will not blow all the fuses in our house.

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