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Full Version: HP Prime Virtual Calculator, Retina skin for MBP?
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I downloaded the HP Prime Virtual Calculator to test on my 2015 15" Retina MacBook Pro and noticed that none of the skins are optimized for HI-DPI Retina displays. I am not talking about the screen of the calculator but rather the simulated calculator body and buttons. Any third part skins out there which are HI-DPI? If not, is that a limitation of how the Mac app was designed?


The simplest answer is simpliy that we have not spent the sime doing a high res skin.

One old saying in the calculator division used to be: "Life is short and ROM is full". Meaning that we do not have a lot of time to do new things, and we have no room in the calculator memory to place them in...
This was when the calcualtor division was 100 large...
Now, we are only a handfull, ROM is huge and we have no shortage of space... However, the time shortage has only got worse :-( and this is not something that we have spent some ime on...

However, this might not be too problematic as anyone can create new skins!
Get a high res picture of your prime (you can take a picture of your own, or zoom one of the existing ones).
Then, in the calcualtor application folder, you will find a skin folder. copy one of the skin files, rename it and open it. It is a text file.
it first points to 3 pictues, used for the key in up/hover and down positions (darken your picture to get the various versions).
It then indicates the screen position and blinking led positions.
IT also has the skin name in all languages
Then comes the key definitions.
The important things there are the x/y coordinates of the keys in the image. Change all 51 ones of them (might take some time, sorry), and you are done!
You now have a new skin for your prime.

Thank you for the helpful guidance, Cyrille!
(07-10-2018 05:48 AM)cyrille de brébisson Wrote: [ -> ]...Get a high res picture of your prime (you can take a picture of your own, or zoom one of the existing ones).

I finally made time to complete that very important first step of shooting a high quality photo of my Prime:


Now I just need to make the time to finish the other steps to complete the skin.
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