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Full Version: Xcas for android-os
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The hp-prime CAS engine now on android-os. Please inform me if it runs normally

version 2. 2018

[Image: a620xWyf7nQYE-laDHy4pO1pGWq38eMrMTkKTwO-...04-h702-rw]
Muchas gracias Jaime por compartir la información / Thanks for sharing.
Muito obrigado. Já instalei.

Usted Colombianos son Hermanos de nossotros brasileiros. Gracias por lá solidariedad com acidente de Chapecoense. Nunca olvidaremos.
The xcas engine keep growing, It is available in several calculators, casio texas, hp, numworks, and even in geogebra


[Image: image.php?mode=thumbnail&image_id=9627]

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