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Full Version: DM41L overlay files
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I wanted to use an overlay with my DM41L but SM haven't managed to source any so far so I decided to make my own. I designed it in Fusion360 and exported the GCode to my CNC mill and was pleasantly surprised by the result.

In case anyone else has access to either a laser cutter or a CNC mill I have made the design files available on Thingiverse at the following location -

as well as the Fusion360 online link at -

I have attached some pictures of the prototype overlays that were cut from photographic paper as a test while I await the arrival of some thin white plastic to produce the actual overlays.

I hope this is of some use to somebody.

Nice job! I'd be interested in hearing about your results with the plastic and which material you used. I've used a Cricut cutter to make overlays for the HP-41 and Classics using heavy photo paper. I haven't found a plastic sheet though that is either printable (ink or laser) or writable. If you find something suitable, post your results.

BTW, the only recommendation I have for the Cricut is, don't get one! Closed software system, terrible cumulative error.

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