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Full Version: hp-65 card reader repair o-rings
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Hi everybody,
are the hp67/97 card reader o-rings suitable for the HP65 card reader?
Many are offered in ebay as 67/97/65 compatible, but I am not sure they fit in hp65 card reader.

Kind regards

Yes, they are all the same.
I have checked this and for the HP65, it is around 9mm diameter; for the 67 it is quite smaller, around 6 mm diameter. At least in my hp65 version.

Kind regards

What j04062 has told is correct.
I want confirm that the o-rings are the same for all 65, 67, 97, 97S and 82104A (HP-41 card reader). Does not exist other kind of reader for the HP-65.

I thank you very much for your information!
It is of great help for me.
Probably I was thinking in the TI-52 card reader I repaired some months ago. There is my confussion.
Kind regards
No worries, this forum will keep all of us straight!

Adam J
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