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Full Version: Print out a Fraction in textbook style
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Im new to the HP Prime and im new to the Programming of this calculator.
But im not new to programming at all.

I have played around a bit and find the ability to do own stuff really nice.
Unfortunatley i have not figured out, how to print nice looking fractions out on the terminal.

Could somenone explain me how to write a fraction as an example:


with this style:


Keep in mind, im talking about the PRINT, or any other, Output function for own apps.

Thank you.
The Prime terminal does not support pretty-printing.
So if you want a fraction to appear on the terminal its
SEPR= "-" repeated SEPRSIZE times (TBD)

If it doesn't have to be on the terminal, you could try writing it as a Note, which allows more formatting.
Thank you for your answer.

The Background behind my question is, that i want to programm an quadratic equation solver.

This solver should output x1, x2 the discriminant and the vertex of the function.
For the vertex i would like to have the equation in the form of:


I would like to show the y part as a fraction and the z part also if possible.
Therefore i think its not that easy to use your suggestion.

The best way would be to just return the answer. But then i only can return one answer or some coma seperated values which doesnt look very good.
Here is an example.
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