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Full Version: Need to convert FIF49 to Prime version
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With a fix 2 format I was expecting a 6.50 value instead of 7.00 Wink
Thank you all for helping me with this. I will try some of these new posts that you have made.

To give you all some background on my initial situation, I am an engineer and with my job I always work with architectural plans and need to add up strings of measurements to locate columns and walls. I was always using the FIF program on my 48Gx developed by Joe Horn and have relied on it for many many years. I am not a programmer so I was really worried when the keys on my 48 started not working. Eddie has jumped in and got me a replacement program reallly quickly that does add and subtract the dimensions (THANKS EDDIE SHORE!!!!). I have asked for a couple of tweaks that I am hoping can be integrated in to make the input a little smoother. I am VERY thankful for any and all the assistance you have already provided. This is a tool that I use every single day so whatever the final product is, it will be well used for years to come.
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