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Full Version: Problem and request for characters view
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for hpp-team

1: to allow the [clear] physical key to clean the input line of echo in characters view

2: to exit the characters view by pressing the black keys as [APP][HOME][SYMB]...[CAS]

3: to remember the last position of last character in each new visit of the characters view. Similarly for another chars views as [shift]+9 or [shift]+6
Problem: When several characters are pasted to the echo line, the character string must move to the left when it reaches the far right

please do echo with the following characters. Problem: the last characters are not displayed

Another problem

In the entry line (history and chars view) the subscript characters are not displayed correctly with fontsize: small font

Please copy and paste the following text string in the entry line, Problem: some characters are cut, [enter] even in the Historial are cut the subscripts

"a₀·x⁰ + a₁·x¹ + a₂·x² +… + aₙ·xⁿ+g"

The print height should be 12+1=13 pixels
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