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Full Version: Libhpcalcs will not transfer hpprgm properly
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Whenever I try to transfer a program through libhpcalcs, it transfers without errors, but when I try to run it on the calculator (it says it is 1k), the ! symbol (the ! inside the orange circle) shows and when I open it, there is just ?. Any ideas why this is happening and how I could fix it?
Any program transferred to the Prime needs to be compiled before running. Did you open the program in the editor and press the Check soft-key? If there is an error in your code, it should flag it and leave the cursor at the point where the compiler found a problem.

Use the connkit and see if that works better.
Also, which file is it? Some authors do a plain text file that isnt really the correct file type.

The connkit handles that. I'm not sure if the other one does as it is really old.
Hey Tim,

It´s a zip file, you just drag and drop it into the applications folder through the connectivity kit.
What I did is make a copy of the two variable statistics app, then put a pump icon to it.

Thanks for all the responses.
I successfully transferred the program through the connkit, but I then encountered another problem. After transferring a few more programs, my calculator rebooted twice and reset the memory. now when I click the arrow next to my calculator to expand it, the connectivity kit crashes.
Can you post the file? Seems like it is corrupted badly in some way.

Also, is your calculator up to date?
My calculator is up to date, and here is what I was trying to transfer:

UPDATE: I realized that I was running the 2016 version of the ConnKit, and when I updated it stopped crashing.
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