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Full Version: Seeking repair recommendation for HP 67
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My HP-67 has two problems.

1) One of the digits (7th from the left) is completely dead on the display. Calculations work as expected so it appears to be a display issue.

2) The card reader needs to be refurbished. It runs, but not well enough to actually read a card.

I am trying to decide whether it is worth getting this unit fixed.

I am looking for recommendations for a repair service with a good reputation so that I can get a quote. I have googled around, but it would be great to get some personal recommendations from this forum.

1) Probably the led is dead.
- Try first to clean the led contacts.
- If it does not work, find a compatible spare one (in sets of four digits, I believe) from a compatible donor (better non working models: all "classics"...if working, I recommend to sacrifice the HP45...it is the cheapest and less painful...well, it is always painful)

2) Will depend if the card reader tracking roll has been already replaced, if not, do it…(lots of tutorials here and there)
- if yes, it is usually a matter of mechanical calibration (contacts, excentric axis of the tracking roll), always check the contacts...
- if none works, then go to the less usual issues (this does not mean impossible to happen ;-D): electronic components failure (mainly capacitors...google in this forum, I am not familiar with this issue).

3) It does worth a lot to get this unit repaired!!!!

4) thecalculatorstore.com , based in Barcelona, offers this sort of services, occasionally...I myself do collaborate with José González.



Good luck
I have not (yet) ventured into HP-67 land, but there is another shop in the U.S. that might be used. It is International Calculator and their website is http://www.intlcalc.com. They appear to specialize in the 41 series but might work on other HPs or have information that could help.

Good luck.
Another well-regarded option for HP calculator card reader repairs is this: https://ebay.com/itm/HP-65-HP-67-Magneti...Swys5WVn~G.

I don't know if he'll do other types of repairs, but you could always ask.
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