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Full Version: (user key programming)Turning on alpha phase by pressing sto key?
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Hi everyone, i want to add code to my program to turn on the alpha phase simultaneously by pressing sto key. Is there any function or command to turn on alpha? I reassign the EEX button with shift+EEX button and want to add "alpha on" to where i wrote "?Alpha on?".

KEY K_Eex()
RETURN "▶a";
?Alpha ON?

KEY KS_Eex()
RETURN "1e";
I found a short way to store variables instead of using only letter. I use the program and EEX button return "▶a" then press a number. By this way expression store to alphanumeric var like "a1,a2...".
"x1,x2.." can also be used to store inputs with less confusing key strokes without the program.
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