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Full Version: idea: (*) by (·), 2 by ² , 3 by ³
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Hello, An idea, to save both vertical and horizontal space, to visualize the symbol (*) by (·), 2 by ²
, 3 by ³
In the following imagen it is observed that the 5·z+z·y+2·z^2+3·z·x+6 expression written in the entry line in the hp-prime occupies less space than the expression of the history 5*z+z*y+2*z^2+3*z*x+6, in addition the symbol (·) is visualized much better (*)

Another option would be by means of a flag to determine which symbol to display in the history (*) or (·)

x^2 =>x²
x^3 => x³

5*z+z*y+2*z^2+3*z*x+6 => 5·z+z·y+2·z²+3·z·x+6

[Image: classpad_factorout.png]
I like the dot idea - at least make it an option.

Subscripts I'm not sure of because of the height of the line and the size of the font.
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