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Full Version: RPN Lists
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In the Home Screen RPN mode I noticed that there is a function to convert the RPN stack to a list by selecting any element in the stack. All elements below what is selected are converted to a list by using the [→LIST ] function in the RPN Stack menu. Once converted it functions as previous HP 48, 49, 50g Calculators. That said, how do you convert the RPN List on the Prime after doing some math operations back as elements on the RPN stack? The older HP RPN calculators had a function [OBJ→] to perform this. I can’t find any reference in the user manual. The HP Prime is a big step forward In HP HHC’s, so please keep advancing the HP Prime in all modes available to the user.

Once you have them as a list, you can save the list and just reference the elements with something like L0(1) or L0(3) for the first and third elements saved in list L0. There is no way to unravel the list like on the HP48 with OBJ-> (yet... who knows what the future holds)
(04-11-2014 12:34 AM)Han Wrote: [ -> ](yet... who knows what the future holds)

I'm starting to wonder about that myself.

I purchased this calculator how many months before it was ready?

Not to mention it's 'documentation'.
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