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Full Version: fsolve with financial functions
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In CAS: fsolve((Finance::TvmFV(48,x,0,-100,12,12,0)) = 5000,x)

returns empty brackets. I believe the correct answer is about 2.0%

Is fsolve not intended to work with the financial functions, or am I doing something wrong?

fsolve((Finance::TvmFV(48,x,0,-100,12,12,0)) = 5000,x) is an interesting construct, but if it was designed to work that way, I haven't seen it.

Of course something like this could be used, instead:


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Thanks for your help DrD.

I was considering a more complex problem that required an iterative solution but simplified it for my question here.

The same function (with an upper case X):


worked well in the solver app, as did the more complex problem; perplexing because apparently the solver app uses fsolve to get the answer.

Thanks again for your reply.

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