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Full Version: "Exercises" HP Prime Book
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Neat book, i'm trying to follow the first problem:

Optimization: Area of a Triangle HP Prime:

"Let A be a point located at the vertex opposite the base of an isosceles triangle.
Point C lies on a circle cantered at A whose radius is [AB]. Find the location of C that will maximize the area
of the triangle ABC."

"The area of the triangle and the length of its base may be
calculated by pressing MENU/COPY button.
We make use of the command buttons labelled area.
We will shift the position of the point C and for each location of C,
record the resulting area."

"In this way, we may obtain a number of value pairs (base; area),
which may be stored in a table. Select the application
Statistics 2Var“ by pressing X^2 button."

"Each pair of values (base; area) is entered into the table
(by pressing Menu)." <== THIS IS THE KICKER

Everything gets completely obliterated (ie: just does NOT work) when i try to press the Menu/Copy button in order to copy the Geometry data to the Statistics 2 Var App.

I am using the latest firmware.

Can someone please solve for me the problem of getting geometry data into the statistics 2 var spreadsheet. <== Needed Solution

That document looks incomplete to me; or it was translated from another language and the fonts didn't come thru correctly; or there is an app that is associated with it which is not available.

I noticed a number of errors in just the first problem.

errors because of the font? anyway, the thing is, how do you get data from one app to another? that is the question.

i tried to send the link to the book. I'll try breaking it up. Just take the carriage returns out to form one address:

I fount that problem in a document called, HP Prime Exercise Book by Mickaël Nicotera here:


To copy data from the geometry app to the stats2 app, assuming you already have this constructed:


I would just adjust the slider to each point in the plot view, go to CAS, then type this into the command line:


After that, each time you tap enter it appends the distance to the end of list L1 and area to the end of list L2.

Once you have the data in the lists, go to the stat 2 app and type:


Which you can plot.


Many thanks for your help on this.

Each time i move the slider, the graphic is updated and the point, distance and area change, GOOD! After each slider move, I press ENTER. After many ENTER's i check the list and there is only 1 element in each list. What am i doing wrong? You are talking about the big white "Enter" key on the middle right of the calculator, right?

BTW, SUPER solution to this issue, if i can just get the list to update.
Are you going back to CAS each time before tapping ENTER? Sorry, I should have been clearer on that point.

The whole procedure is:

In CAS, first clear lists L1 and L2 by typing:


I also forgot to mention that Sad

Then type:


then tap Plot to go to plot view, change the slider, tap ESC twice to go back to CAS, tap enter, repeat

After a few tries, the CAS stack should look something like this:



Yeah! that works. You can move around and when you get one of the two triangles in the circle that work ,then hold finger on slider gadget until there is a blue slider, then hit "edit" in the menu bar and change the step to like .0005 for precise answers.

Another option is to go to Statistics 2var and hit the Symb key on your calculator and you can generate an equation of your data points to get a rough answer.

In the future I hope HP could work out a less cumbersome method of recording the data points by letting you hit "Enter" in the geometry app.

Thanks again for your help!

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