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Full Version: Any News about (CENSORED)
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Has any one heard from (CENSORED) regarding the release of the source code for the (CENSORED) calculator. More than 4 weeks ago (CENSORED) promised that we would see an update in 3-4 weeks about this issue which has not materialized.
Somebody already asked a couple of days ago on https://forum.swissmicros.com/viewtopic....8327#p8327
and no response as yet

So... no in a nutshell , I think that's where you're gonna find it first... so watch that space
How about we all keep an eye on the SM forums for updates on this topic and not poke wounds around here again? This post has been reported already and I would rather not have us go through it.

The [CENSORED] tag does nothing other than provoke the moderators, as you should already know. Please refrain from doing so on purpose?

Thank you to all. Thread will be closed.
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