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Is there something that explains how to use "Units" with variables and programs? Can units be used in programs?

[Image: Units11png.png]
Aside from the user guide, maybe something in this quick program will be useful?


// Provide a real number value for square meters (without units)

EXPORT units
  LOCAL sqmtrs;
  sqmtrs:=sqmtrs * 1_m^2;  
  RETURN CONVERT(sqmtrs / 1_min, 1_ft^2 / 1_s);
Thank you.
Click the [VARS] key, then the [Home] soft menu and click [Real] in the menu. These are all called Real variables. Numbers with units cannot be stored in them. I don't know why. It's just how the Prime works.

You can store numbers with units attached to them if they are User Variables. In your case, you successfully stored 2.3_m^2 into the User Variable 'a'. Other examples of User Variables are MPG, Travel, & bAnAnA.

In this case, I don't know why your conversion fails. Probably because the [STO >] command as a shortcut for converting units is extremely picky on how it's entered. Here are two examples that should convert your example successfully.

In your problem, type [Shift] [Units] [Tools] [ 1 ], recall the 0.50772... and type [ , ] [ 1 ] [Shift] [ _ ] [Shift] [Units] [Units (soft label)] [ 3 ] [ 5 ] [ / ] [Shift] [Units] [ 5 ] [ 7 ] [ENTER].

Or you can recall the 0.50772... and type [STO >] [Shift] [Units] [ H ] [ 6 ] [Enter].
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