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Full Version: HP Prime Problem with Feb. 2018 Firmware
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Hi everyone,

I have this HP Prime that I bought in 2014 and that I haven't used very much.

I decided to start using it more, so I updated the firmware to the one that came out in February 2018. However, after installing that firmware the screen looked very weird. The app icons were huge, so I couldn't see them entirely, the colors also looked faded and there were black and white lines going horizontally across the screen.

Then, I installed the 2017 07 10 (12066) firmware, and it didn't have that issue. After this, I tried installing the Feb. 2018 firmware again, but it has the same problem.

Do you know what could be the problem behind this and how to solve it?
Try a simple soft restart by holding the [ON] key and pressing the [Symb] key. This will not lose any of your data.

I remember updating my HP Prime and I had a bunch of explorer APPS that were not merged into one. The soft restart mentioned above fixed that real quick.
Perhaps clearing everything may help, see here.

If the problem persists after the reset, I would venture to guess that the update did not complete completely.

One of the changes in the last couple of versions was to switch from 16 to 32 bit per pixel (a 2 times increase), which would explain your "huge icons"...

However, 1/2 of the change is in the application part and 1/2 in the OS.
So, if the update only updated 1/2 of the system, this would lead to that type of symptoms.

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