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Full Version: Android (and iOS) HP67 2.0
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Well, I have spent the last two solid weeks updating the mobile apps and the Android version is out on the store. The iOS version is on the Apple Store now as well.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the testing and review!

- Phone and tablet.
- There is now sound and animation when cards are loaded/saved. The actual motor sound!
- A short manual is included.
- Both sides of the calculator! (back side has custom settings)
- Program listings and internals can be generated and shared on the web.
- Web charts using values in the registers can be generated too.
- Much improved font and graphics.

More details at www.limpidfox.com
Android version looks very nice.

How can I turn off the app?
Hi Gerald,
The Android button menu (depending on your phone model - some older models have buttons at the bottom of the phone) is available by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and pressing the circular button to swap to another app. You can also use the square button to see all apps running on your phone and swipe the app window off the screen to completely close it.

While off screen, the app goes dormant, so it doesn't take any phone CPU while in the background. If you suspend the app by switching to another app, it will resume when you press the icon for it.

I normally use it suspended so I can swap to it quickly.

Thank you, Mike.
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